March 13th, 2007


Lunchtime Silliness

Des: Lunchtime!
Mike: That'll be $3.30 please [for the breakfast burrito, the second half of which is lunch]
Des: (pulls 2 $1s and a $5 out of his pocket) One, two, five! (mumbling in a British accent) Three, sir! Three!
Mike: (offers $2)
Des: (hands him the $5) Let's see... (Hands him a quarter and a dime) That should reduce the error margin to 5 cents!
Mike: Thank you.
Des: No, wait, let's see... (takes the dime back and gives three pennies) That should reduce it to 2 cents!
Mike: (writes on the whiteboard: "Des -> Mike: $0.02") You can give me your two cents later then.
Des: (appears to be launching into a tirade) You wanna know what I think about Java? I think --
Mike: (grabs the eraser, erases what he wrote)
Des: Well, that was easy!

(Both collapse into a fit of giggling.)

-- Des
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