March 14th, 2007


Allergies x.x

Dear gods I hate allergies. The season officially started up for me this week (well, yesterday).

No physical symptoms other than an irritated throat and point headache (left temple). But I've been feeling horribly spaced-out all day (which is different from tired).

I hope the Claritin begins working its magic soon. I started taking it last night, and so far it hasn't kicked in yet. Usually it takes a couple days, though.

Edit: Forgot to mention ... we had the longest power outage ever at work today (by my system clock, it lasted a good half hour). Between those two things, my productivity today has been very low (but not quite zero).

-- Des
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It's about damn time!

Been going back and forth with anholt about this bug for several months now.

Finally, tonight, I got the modesetting driver and RandR working, and my laptop can talk to my external monitor the way God intended -- at 1600x1200. =3


Next on the list: making DRI work again, and getting the X server to stop crashing on logout...

-- Des
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