March 22nd, 2007



So since most others will be gone, it looks like I'm going up to the bay area this weekend. The number of things I have to do up there has grown so large I need to keep a to-do list. Unfortunately, this means I won't have time to see people while I'm there. :(

Woke up tired this morning -- don't think I got enough sleep. Caffeine didn't help much, either (it helps a bit, usually, but only up to a point). So I've been braindead most of the day.

Work has been coming along. We'll soon be entering another period of mostly-testing. Interesting (and good) things may be happening soon which I probably shouldn't talk about in a public entry.

Trying to get my finances in order -- parents are starting to make noise about car-related things, so I may have to give the Jeep back or buy it. Either way, chances are good I'll be buying a car sometime in the mid-term future. Also need to come up with an investment strategy for the money I'm saving from work.

Andy/Dark are off to Disneyland again this weekend. I'd like to go with them sometime, but they always end up scheduling it during the work week, and I'm not sure I want to give up precious vacation days. >.> It's nice to finally have money, but what the hell am I going to do with it if I can't take the time to go use it? =P

-- Des
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