April 2nd, 2007


"Mundane" things (while doing laundry)

I've been feeling writing-constipated again lately. You know what this means -- lots of posts pondering the nature of Life, the Universe, and Everything. Let's get the mundaneness out of the way first.

>>> The Weekend

Was pretty uneventful, except for the cleaning and the going over to Andy's. Andy and I had a substantive conversation, which made me happy. I feel like I don't have those often enough, with enough people.

The other amusing thing, though, was the vacuuming. I was on a cleaning stint this weekend, and decided my living room floor needed vacuuming. But the vacuum cleaner didn't sound quite right, and it was getting really bogged down on the carpet-mat I have in front of the futon.

So I pulled the cover off, and found this...

Collapse )

A half hour and one knife later, I managed to get it looking like this:

Collapse )

And I was left with this on the floor:

Collapse )

What a metric fuckton of my hair was doing in the vacuum cleaner, I'll never know. ;P

>>> Work

Work continues, but at a reduced pace. Since we're so close to (the final, actual) release, there's not as much for Mike and I to do. But we keep finding things, so I guess that's not entirely bad. ;)

We've found a new "game" with which to amuse ourselves. Every time one or the other of us does something weird, silly or generally us-like, we assess a fee, tax, penalty, levy, or tariff on the other. ;P So far one of the other of us has assessed the following:

  • Excessive apology surcharge (Mike -> Des)
  • Whiteboard revision surcharge (Des)
  • Failure to talk like a pirate assessment (Mike -> Des)
  • Leaving window open on a cold day penalty (Mike -> Des)
  • Meowing royalty fee (Des -> Mike)
  • Java-induced violence mitigation fee (Mike -> Des)
  • Pithy comment excise tax (Des -> Mike)
  • Levy on drama-induced lunch delays (Mike -> Des)
  • NSFW speech surcharge (Mike -> Des)

One full whiteboard (out of three) in our office has been devoted to this game.

I'm sure we'll come up with a good half-dozen more tomorrow. And yes, I'm keeping a list of them all. ;P

-- Des
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