July 12th, 2007



So Tuesday morning I woke up and, to my great surprise, discovered I had a cold. Been limping a long since then, and today finally said "fuck it, I'm working from home". Turned out to be more productive than going to work was yesterday, heh.

Been helping sezjasaneh get stuff together in her new place. Managed to rip my hand open on her card table in the process, but oh well. Moved my grandma into hers last weekend. Going up to the bay area this weekend yet again for more family stuff.

Making frustratingly little progress on self-development (I blame the cold) and on the new car. (I blame logistics, and Mazdaspeed 3s are scarce. Closest one I found to test-drive is in Walnut Creek. :p)

Life goes on.

-- Des
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