July 19th, 2007



So I have a number of posts open from various people that I've been wanting to reply to for a while now, but just haven't gotten around to it yet because Life(tm) has been getting in the way. I'll get to 'em sooner or later, though. ;)

Was in the bay area last weekend, again, doing more family stuff. I've pretty much said "no, dammit, I'm going to stay down here this weekend", though that pushes back my schedule as far as buying a car goes. I'll have to go up again soonish to try to find a Mazdaspeed 3 to test drive.

Spent most of the week at work so far recovering from a catastrophic server failure (dead system disk), complicated by the lack of a working CD drive, and a lack of places on the machine's motherboard to plug in a working CD drive (that doesn't conform to Dell's proprietary spec :p). So recovery has taken about 3x longer (and been about 10x harder) than it should've. Currently babysitting it while it installs.

I'm just glad the machine runs Gentoo, because there would've been no way to get it working again otherwise. stage3 tarballs FTW. ;P debootstrap might have worked, but... there's something to be said for plain-and-simple tar and bzip2.

I like Dell's laptops (hell, I'm on my 2nd), but my experience with their server hardware thus far has not been positive. :p

Otherwise, life goes on. darkone238's in town, getting the last of his stuff before he moves out forever. Trying to put together a furmeet for Friday, with no idea what to do for it. :p

Pretty much failing to work on any of the self-development things I've told myself I want to do. Haven't meditated, done my morning exercises, worked on my career development, anything. Been going home at night and pretty much sitting on IRC. IRC is fun, but it's a lot like watching TV -- full of inanity most of the time.

-- Des
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