August 4th, 2007


(no subject)

In the process of cleaning out the Jeep, I found a couple things of interest that don't belong to me:

  • A small, long board with nails sticking out of both ends. Looks like it might go to a bookcase, etc. Colored a medium brown.
  • A black DS stylus. (This might well be the same one Andy was trying to get rid of.)

If either of these things belong to you, please let me know sometime in the next few weeks so we can arrange a transfer. Otherwise I'll keep them/throw them out.

-- Des

Next question...

Dear Lazyweb,

Are there any good portable music players that know how to play Ogg? Everyone has an iPod, but iPods are pricey and fail at Ogg.

I want a player I can throw my collection on (whether it's Ogg or MP3) and play in the car.

<3, Des