December 31st, 2007


Christmas, New Year's, etc.

I keep wanting to write in here, but words have been failing me lately.

Anyway, I'm at netolu's for the long weekend -- took Monday off so I could come down here, see SLO people again, escape the family, and celebrate New Year's. We're going over to dktiger's in a while to watch movies and generally have a New Year's party.


Christmas went alright. The fist-of-death reflex didn't kick in 'till the night of the 25th, so that was an improvement over previous years. ;P I think it helped that we just had Christmas with immediate family this year, rather than inviting all the relatives over. It made Mom more relaxed, which made the rest of us more relaxed -- she's usually the one stressing about how things don't look exactly perfect, the house isn't clean, the presents aren't wrapped, etc. and that takes a toll on all of us.

Presents were good this year. The big present I gave was to Mom/Dad -- either money for house remodelling, or help shoveling out all the crap in the house. I got a 1TB external drive (:D), the first two seasons of Babylon 5, and some noise-cancelling headphones for use at work, among other things.


One of these days, I'll get around to writing up a reflection on 2007, but not today. It doesn't help that there are a number of things that happened this year that I haven't journalled about much, if at all. It's going to be difficult writing about those partially because of my bad memory, but also partially because they sometimes involve other people, and unless I think I can be fair to everyone involved, I'll err on the side of not saying anything at all.

In some ways, I look forward to reflecting on 2007, and in other ways I don't. Either way, I think such reflection is a necessary, if difficult, process.

-- Des
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