January 8th, 2008


From IRC yesterday...

[15:14:11] <&Des> Yay, my build finished
[15:14:21] Des invokes the magical incantation of testing
[15:14:32] <+zeta> WhatWhatWhat testing?
[15:14:35] <+zeta> Necromancer!
[15:15:30] <&Des> zeta: I must test my build, to make sure my inscriptions in the Book of Source are correct.
[15:15:31] <&Des> ;P
[15:15:50] <+zeta> ... it still sounds like necromancy....
[15:16:04] <&Des> Otherwise the monks that guard the Library of Subversion will be most displeased with me.
[15:16:27] <&Des> I'd rather not have them sic the fire-demon on me again. ;P
[15:16:45] <+zeta> Alright, I suppose that's reasonable then.
[15:17:00] <+zeta> Necromancy or not, you've gotta do what you've gotta do.
[15:17:44] <+zeta> Especially if the use of fire is well defined in what happens if you don't do, what you've gotta do.
[15:18:20] <&Des> It is indeed
[15:19:17] <&Des> "The flamebox shall be opened, and messages of doom shall be spewed forth to the Inboxes of monks far and wide!", or so it is written.

-- Des

I hate Fry's so much...

I went in there to buy some networking stuff on my way home from work tonight.

When I came out, I'd spent $40 on a crimper and some RJ45 plugs, and $50 on DS games. >.>

I love how when I go in there, I somehow spend more on other stuff than I do on what I went there to get in the first place. ;P


In other news, I've started my 2007 reflection essay. As predicted, it's a long, slow, painful process.

-- Des
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