January 31st, 2008


Furry is an STD

(09:29:27) Mike: LJ: and Andy is a furry now? O_o
(09:29:32) DesKitty: Apparently
(09:30:07) Mike: LJ: *eyes you warily* you're multiplying
(09:30:38) Mike: LJ: *doesn't know about teh gay, but teh furry is apparenly communicable*
(09:30:59) DesKitty: Only if you're not vaccinated ;P
(09:31:46) Mike: LJ: I caught a mild case of it a long time ago. it still shows occasional effects, but seems to have given me immunity?
(09:32:26) DesKitty: I don't know... it might be like Herpes, where it never really leaves your system. It may lay dormant for a while and then suddenly for no apparent reason it will flare up again ;P
(09:33:01) Mike: LJ: *looks down* oh dear good... not erupting claws and a tail again? time to buy another pack of razors at costco.
(09:33:07) DesKitty: haha
(09:34:07) Mike: LJ: better than trying to vaccinate with Christian conservatism
(09:34:16) DesKitty: srsly.
(09:34:22) DesKitty: That's worse than the disease.
(09:34:24) Mike: LJ: the side effects of that seem to be extremely random and unpredictable
(09:35:17) Mike: LJ: mostly involving restrooms, hookers, drugs, and being found dead in scuba gear

(09:33:40) WildDesKitty: On an unrelated note, Mike and I have apparently decided that furry is a form of the Herpes virus
(09:33:51) Andybear: bastards ;-)
(09:34:14) Andybear: Yep
(09:34:38) Andybear: I has teh furpes =(

-- Des