April 21st, 2008


Yes, I'm still alive.

But life has been pretty, well, banal.

I haven't been doing much with the month of April, other than slip into apathy. Work is work -- it's been pretty consistent. I get home at night, having put in a full day, and I just don't want to do anything other than vegetate as my brain slowly turns to mush.

The weekend before last -- the 12th and 13th -- sezjasaneh came up with a friend, and I met them in the Castro for lunch, and a BDSM flea market afterward. That was a fun, new, enjoyable experience. It got me out of my usual zone and into someplace cool and novel, for a while. I wish we'd been able to stay longer.

For the past week or so I have been trying to write up my experience in the Castro -- the bad Mexican food, the shirtless hustler with a bright green hanky, his trick, the naked man in a thong, the flea market with all its varied contraptions -- but that post, unfortunately, has fallen victim to apathy. Rest assured, however, that it was a lengthy post with rich, evocative narrative, scintillating dialog and riveting action scenes.

Well, OK, maybe not that last one.

Anyway, I had fun, and I was glad of the break. I hope we can do it again soon.

This past weekend, I played video games (damn you kithkanan for recommending Star Control 2, and damn them for open-sourcing it :P), and gave Shiro a bath. So he'll at least be clean until the birds poop on him tomorrow at work in Sunnyvale. :p

I'm really pleased about my progress with him -- I'm shifting almost as smoothly as an automatic, and reasonably quickly too. =^.^=

That's the nice thing about a manual -- it's forced me to develop my analog--as opposed to digital--skills.

On the housing front, I haven't made much progress. I went down to the south bay a few times to check out neighborhoods, drive around and get a feel for various places, that sort of thing. But I really need to take it to the next level -- start talking to realtors, figure out what kind of place (if any) I can afford, and start looking at a few.

I'm looking mainly at Sunnyvale, but every so often I wonder about places like Fremont, San Jose or Morgan Hill. (I'm really not sure about the latter.) Berkeley has crossed my mind, as well -- it has the advantage of being interesting (and closer to SF), but I don't know anybody there, and I would have to work in SF.

Otherwise, life continues.

-- Des
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