December 8th, 2008



Was a productive weekend -- got some cleaning and errands done (but no Christmas shopping yet D:). Mostly pretty boring stuff, really.

The one exciting thing that happened is yelang invited me out to a fur party in the South Bay on Saturday. There were a whole bunch of people there I didn't know, but surprisingly enough, there were a few that I did. Ran into vreahli and melhelmeh, neither of whom I've seen in a while. Also ran into luphinus, which was fun -- he had his iPhone out, with a game I can't remember, but which reminded me of Marble Madness, except with a squishy car that could grow and shrink on demand.

I mostly circulated and chatted, but it was surprisingly good to get out and be silly, even around people I don't know all that well. Most everyone else was drunk and/or high, so I felt a lot more comfortable in letting my goofy self out and being silly, random, and generally weird.

There were definitely some cute ones there, and I even talked to a couple of them, but at least one of them was painfully shy, and most of the others were taken. Not that it would've mattered that much, anyway -- I certainly wouldn't have taken any home with me, and I'm not in the SO market just yet. I think it might be soon, though.

I still want a good, solid group of friends. Ideally, only some of them would be furries, and the rest would come from somewhere else. As much as I like furries, sometimes I need things in my life that aren't fur.

But a good relationship, supported by a nice, solid group of friends and an array of constructive things to do, would be nice, eventually.

-- Des
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