April 14th, 2009


Exercise Log

Very quickly, as I'm eating dinner and playing videogames... >.>

Climbed Albany Hill again today -- alternated jogging with running for a half hour (likely more, as I jogged a bit on the way home during cool-down).

Ate an energy bar before leaving work, about an hour before going out. Dinner--well over an hour later--is an egg with lots of bell peppers, a few olives, some bacon and cheese.

I definitely feel like I pushed myself harder today than I have in prior sessions -- and my body seems to be responding well. I was dead tired when I got home, but my mood has been pretty stable. I think the meditation might also be helping there. (I should write a separate post about that, later.)

Alright... back to food! ::NOM:: :E

Edit: I forgot to mention, it's been a week since my last session, due to conflicting events. :/ Consistent schedules are hard to maintain...

-- Des