November 26th, 2009



Comment with "Ask me about how you can save up to 15% percent on [goofy item X]" and I'll ask you five questions, for you to answer here or on your own journal, or both.

Here are my questions from ensuing:

1. If you weren't a kitty, what sort of animal would you like to be?
Probably a wolf. They get to run long distances and howl and stuff. ^.^ But they also have a dedicated, loyal pack structure, and that's always something I've admired. I'd like to think I share those traits, and that I am a loyal friend, who will be there no matter what.

2. Who is the best fictional character ever?
EVER? Wow, that's a tough one. I dunno about "ever".

But for the moment... Xandir, from Drawn Together, because he's just so, well, gay. (And cute :3)

3. You are so awesome that the government decides to build a device to play your theme music wherever you go. What is your theme music?
hmmmm. I think the rather-jaunty Austin Powers theme song would do nicely!

4. You've just discovered the ultimate power source! What is it?
Antimatter, of course! Because Antimatter wins over ATOMIC POWER~!

5. For your achievements, you are allowed to captain a vehicle (real or fictional). What vessel do you command?
Oh man, such a tough choice! I guess it depends on how big the vessel gets to be. If it gets to be huuuuge, then I want a fast, nimble starship capable of travelling at faster-than-light speeds, with a full complement of scientific equipment and defensive shielding and weaponry. And, of course, a full crew.

Otherwise, I want Shiro, but with rear-wheel drive, an onboard computer for music, GPS and car diagnostics, and sophisticated equipment for detecting and evading cops handing out speeding tickets. *nod*

-- Des
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