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So ... I'm in my major-work mode. I've been generally feeling reclusive and antisocial this week. Which is probably good, because it means I'm getting schoolwork done ... although I'm getting increasingly frustrated at my inability to work on my own projects.

Update: I forgot to mention, I'm not going to be on AIM nearly as much as I usually am. It's started to turn into this major annoyance for me ... even when I put up an away message (like I usually do when doing schoolwork), people ignore it and keep sending me random shit or trying to talk to me. :p So, now I'm just going to be offline when I'm trying to get stuff done.

School has been driving me nuts ... I have a paper for English due Thurs, a presentation in Software Engineering on Fri, and a Database lab also due Fri. Then next week is finals and then ... winter break! *rolls eyes*

Can I just skip Christmas this year?

Anyway ... as of last week, I have yet another pet project I've started working on (yes, Dryice is still alive and kicking, it just needs some rewrite love ...). I'm calling it MetaFS, for lack of a better name. It's a userspace filesystem (using FUSE) that does nifty things with extended attributes using plugins. So you could, for instance, have plugins for providing tag information about your MP3s in attributes, or implement ACLs on filesystems which don't support them. I'm also planning on building in search functionality (that works in realtime, no less ... no waiting for your jukebox software to re-scan all the MP3s on your hard disk).

The upshot of all this is, eventually (i.e. once it all works right) you'll be able to do fast and flexible searches on Linux. For example, "show me all MP3s modified in the last week, with the artist 'Hybrid'", or "show me all image files larger than 200x200", or something similar. You might even be able to create virtual directories (a la Evolution's vFolders), which are saved searches that appear as normal folders in your filesystem.

So, assuming I don't (a) get bored, or (b) screw up horribly (pretty unlikely ... this project isn't as hard to design/code as it sounds, thanks to FUSE), you might actually see something usable in 6 or so months. :)

(And if you're curious to see what I have coded so far, you can take a poke at the Subversion repository here.)

-- Des

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