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This is My Town. (Updated)

Update 2003.01.31 0:29: I just realized the pics on deneb had the wrong permissions. Sorry 'bout that...s'all fixed now.

I've been feeling a little sick (mainly due to not having eaten lunch, again) what do I do? Make my own pseudo-chinese food, of course...rice, eggs, peas and a healthy dose of soy sauce.

Fred got into the refrigerator again...this time the yogurt. Unfortunately I didn't discover this until after I started eating it, so I had to chase the two spoonfuls of yogurt I had with a little Mountain Dew. S'all good.

I took the car in today to get it looked at...turns out one of the back drums is cracked, so it's going back tomorrow to get replaced. It's nothing particularly serious, at least in the short I don't have to worry about driving it. It's going to cost money, though. :(


(If you look at the separator crosseyed, it almost looks like some sort of starship/figher from behind...)

I first heard this song on the radio, shortly after moving into my struck a real chord, because unlike last year, I settled in very quickly, and found a sense of belonging...a feeling that this is where I'm supposed to be.

I don't really have any way of explaining it. Here, the hills and mountains and clouds are brings me great joy on a daily basis to walk out of a class, and look up at the hill, or perhaps look out from the parking structure over the valley (although this picture was taken from the top of the hill).

The feeling of just being here, being in this place...not my apartment, specifically, but the whole San Luis area, is very peaceful. I hope I don't have to leave...not after college, or ever. I mean, despite the Republicans, it's a great place to live.

This is my town.

-- Des
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