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Visiting kion, and Memeage from elocinoco

So I just got back from visiting kion and hanashibeta. doctor_samuel showed up, and northing came up from Monterey, too. We went to this yummy chinese place in downtown Mountain View (I've already forgotten what it was called) with really neat painting/sculpture mural things.

It was good to see kion and doctor_samuel again ... I hadn't seen either of them in forever.

The trip home was, well, quite an adventure ... it was relatively calm when we left, but it was storming pretty fiercely on CA237/I880, and even on the southern parts of I680. I was probably 5 miles below the limit the whole way home ... there was wayyyyy too much standing water (nevermind the wind and rain, and my old tires) for anything faster to be safe.

But, I'm alive and stuff. Which makes me happy. And I got an hour of good driving meditation in. (Imagine intensely concentrating on the road in front of you to see if there are puddles you have to avoid/slow down for ... for an hour.)

>>> Memeage

Wow. One of these is actually partially accurate for once.

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-- Des

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