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I'm back home, finally. I drove back on New Year's Eve, which was spent with northing and kithkanan. We watched LOTR RotK (the extended edition). School starts tomorrow, which I'm somewhat happy about because I think this quarter will be interesting.


I keep forgetting to talk about Christmas. It went reasonably well, on the whole, although I never did find any sort of meaning in it other than exchanging gifts as a primitive expression of love/affinity/...

I'm quite happy with what I got though. :D I got a nice big (20") flat panel monitor (this was a more of a combination between 21st bday and christmas), a new set of kitchen knives, chopsticks, The Tao of Physics ... and plenty of other useful bits.


MetaFS work has been going in spurts. I released 0.1 the week of Christmas, and 0.1.1 isn't that far off (although I'm actually inclined to wait and stick a few more interesting features in 0.1.1 ... hopefully to drum up more interest). This has proved to be an interesting project so far, and probably on a much better scale than Dryice.


It's been raining pretty consistently for the past week or so. This makes me feel happy, which is important ... I've been fighting off excessive amounts of apathetic depression lately. (This probably explains why I haven't had much to say on LJ recently.) Hopefully it will get better now that I'm back home ... visiting the parents always seems to put a lot of stress on my system.

But, now I'm officially Caught Up(tm) on LJ (if a bit tersely) ... and I've been doing various other productive things during the day since Rob left. So, it seems like the depression is passing, as most things do.

-- Des

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