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Started working on Assignment 2 for Operating Systems. It's proven to be interesting thus far, though my ebp register keeps getting corrupted for some odd reason. It's probably something obvious and stupid that I'm missing, but whatever ...


My body has discovered a new trick for when it doesn't want alcohol, but I drink it anyway (because I'm stupid and not paying attention, or whatever). It gets really drunk and then really sleepy on a very small amount. (like, a half-shot of vodka with dinner.) ::sigh::

I just made an obscene amount of hot chocolate, and now I'm trying to decide what to do with myself for the rest of the evening.

Edit: In addition to being unable to decide what to do with the evening, I also can't decide whether or not I want to get a subscription to Digital Blasphemy. Soooooo pretty ... but $25/year for just some wallpaper seems a little steep for a poor college student ...

-- Des

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