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Excessive quantities of soda == blood sugar crash in about 2 hours. Not good.

Apologies to kithkanan and Arion for being a bit of a bitchy whiner tonight. kithkanan fed me chocolate, which helped a bit, but I'm going to search for some things now to help even it out ...


So ... you know those problems I was having with base pointers? Yeah, that was actually my teacher's fault. He wasn't making his stacks big enough in the code he provided. Everything works now and I basically wasted 4 hours trying to find a problem that didn't exist (but fixing lots of other little bugs in the process). :p

I'm actually (gasp!) contemplating installing Nautilus. Konqueror as a file manager is starting to annoy me, because the "browser" paradigm just doesn't work for me for files. It's OK for webpages (although I have a tendency to open everything in new tabs/windows), but for directories and other such hierarchies ... I like having separate windows that actually remember where I put them the last time.

The thing that's offputting about Nautilus is that it has a dependency tree that just barely fits on my 1600x1200 monitor, even using really tiny fonts ... I would say "I hope it's not bloated", but I think I already know the response to that. :p

-- Des

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