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::sits back and flexes his fingers::

So ... instead of doing actual schoolwork, I sat down and hacked on MetaFS for a few hours today. The VFS layer is almost done (I just have to go through, audit it, cleanup anything that looks excessively kludgy, convince myself that it really IS done, etc.). There's also a (read-only at the moment) audio tag plugin that lets you extract information from your MP3/Ogg/FLAC(maybe) files in a nice, format-independent way.

A 0.1.2 release is very close. All that's left is the aforementioned cleanup, putting together some better documentation, and a round or three of testing.

After 0.1.2, I'm going to start looking at maturing the VFS (I can think of a few potential issues right off the top of my head that will need to be fixed) and cleaning up the plugin system (which is pretty rudimentary at the moment).

I hope Miklos hurries up with FUSE 2.3 and the inode-based API ... the path-based API that's in 2.2 is driving me nuts. You can see in places all over my code where I'm having to make accommodations for it. A little more control over the event loop would be nice, too, but not really necessary.

Now I'm tired. I feel like it's midnight, but it's not even 10 yet ... ::sigh::

-- Des

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