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I got 10 hours of sleep last night...and yet I still woke up this morning very tired.

I think I now understand the concept of too much debauchery. Fortunately, my newfound understanding doesn't involve passing out in bathrooms.

I don't feel like doing anything today, other than going back to bed and sleeping some more...but instead, I get to get up and go to classes.

kion is right...things are going downhill. Truth be told, I saw this coming last week, but I thought it was just me. I guess it wasn't.

Just as a side note on the shuttle...I feel badly for the crew and their loved ones just as much as the next guy. The only reason I'm not talking about it here is because someone else has already said it much more eloquently than I could ever hope to.

Anyway, I need to get ready for school.

-- Des

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