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Random Interesting Tidbits

Dinner at Cool Cat's (as usual), but we had a big crowd this evening. kithkanan, Arion, Priya, Matt and Andy were there. Andy and I ran off afterwards to watch more Futurama. I'm liking that show quite a bit.

Played leapfrog for a bit with a Volvo on the way home, who at about halfway through the dead zone (that big straight stretch of 101 between the Grade and Atas with nothing on it) decided to pull over and put on their hazard lights. I pulled over to see if they were OK, they were; it was two ladies, one of whom was feeling ill. My body decided to adrenalize itself though, which was weird. I don't understand why it did that, other than maybe something like "ohmygod stopped on freeway BAD!". Or something. I just note it because it's something "I" did that confuses me.


My laptop's suspend seems to actually be working for the most part. This makes me happy because it means I can cart it around between school and home without having to close my work/reboot. I also finally got it working to where it can switch back and forth between the builtin flat panel and my big flat panel here without restarting X. Mmmmmm.

Next step is to get Xen working, and then try to get a copy of FreeBSD running on it side-by-side with Linux ... :D

Now, if only I were having the same success with OS/compilers ... :-/

-- Des

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