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Spring ... here we go again...

I hate spring. It fucks with my body chemistry and my hormones and makes me all bitchy and annoyed and whatnot.

We took jennmenchi out for Chinese for her birthday, and I couldn't eat that much because, well, yeah. But she had a good time, which is the important thing. And hopefully she's a little bit less stressed now.

I've been getting progressively more stressed, and my method of handling it has been to ignore it and just try to get shit done and rest when I need to. But that's not really a good way of handling it. I need to actively do things to de-stress (like go to the beach). I've been needing progressively more and more down time over the past few weeks. Which means I'm not doing something right. :p

So I think the rest of the (rather short) evening will be devoted to taking care of myself, which means doing things like cleaning (because I live in a pigsty :p) and other general maintenance stuff I should be doing (like meditating).

-- Des

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