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Random Useless Tidbits

In English today, the prof asked everyone who'd had a happy/useful/self-affirming/something-like-that thought today to raise their hand.

I was the only one.

Somehow, that scares me.

>>> Update 23:25

(23:23:04) CondorDes: Gods, I feel dirty.
(23:23:08) jennmenchi: ?
(23:23:08) CondorDes: I just wrote my first goto in C++.
(23:23:14) CondorDes: :p
(23:23:19) Jenn: >.> Ah?
(23:23:36) CondorDes: I've been using the language for how long, and I've never really used gotos before this. But using a flag variable for this case seems really silly.

// Remove this block's killed registers from its copyout.  (We'll add them
// back in later if they're copies that make it to the end of the block.)
foreach (ki, blk->kill) {
    std::map<Register *, Register *>::iterator ci;

    foreach (ci, blk->copyout) {
        if (ci->first = *ki || ci->second == *ki) {
            goto kill_restart;

[foreach is a macro I wrote that iterates over an STL collection from begin() to end()]

-- Des

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