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Done with school, finally.

Well, that's it, I'm finally done with the quarter.

None of my finals were that difficult. Probably the easiest was my compiler "final", which consisted of getting up in front of the class and talking about my compiler (and how it's different from everybody else's) for 10 minutes.

Yesterday was OS, which went about the way I expected it to. I probably got a B-ish grade on it, which I'm OK with.

Tonight was English, which (as I feared) was 3 hours of writing ... it's not so much the writing itself that was the problem, as it is that now my hand is cramped. :p I did OK ... kinda BSed parts of it, because I'm a lazy fuck, but that's OK; I'm sure I did fine.

I have more (interesting) stuff that's in my mental to-post queue, but it's going to have to wait (because I'm still cramped, and typing is harder). Hopefully I'll get to it later tonight.

-- Des

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