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I'm totally off the cold pills today, finally, and my nose isn't even running. Happy Des.

However, I'm still feeling a bit woozy, even though I went out and walked around Atascadero for 40min or so. I didn't think there was any Benadryl in those cold pills I took, but maybe I'm wrong ... (Benadryl, for those who don't know, will sometimes fuck with your brain's functioning for up to a few days after you've taken it. I don't use it anymore for this reason.)

On the other hand, I have been finding/working on bugs in MetaFS. There are so many changes in this version that I'm just considering calling it 0.2, but we'll see.

There are also many more bugs that are related to renaming/linking/removing things that I'm going to have to work on ... but I'm too spaced right now to think about them/write them down, let alone fix them. :(

-- Des

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