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Stupid neighbors are doing construction and just being generally noisy. I know I'm just using this as an excuse for not getting Staleygorithms homework done, but still...

The more I work on MetaFS, the happier I am with it. I'm quite happy with it right now, although (a) there's still a lot of design, cleanup, etc. work to be done, and (b) it could really use some speed optimizations. But every time I look at the amount of work left to do, I am encouraged, because each time it seems more and more doable. When I started this project, I just wasn't sure how half of it would get done. There are still a couple problem areas, but I think I actually understand how to do most of it now.

I have another self-depreciating rant in my queue, but that can wait. I wish I had a similar sense of optimism about my personal life (and about humanity in general)...

-- Des

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