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Grawr. Woke up at 11, meant to wake up at 9-10ish... this means I have no time to do reading for History, and I have to leave for class in an hour.


Thank you, everyone who left me a comment about Oberon. I didn't know that many people actually paid attention to my ramblings. ;)

I think I'm doing pretty well, all things considered. I've been feeling sad, of course, but I'm still functioning just fine. It's never really hit me. I think that's pretty normal for me, though ... my brain's either just not understanding it (like, "oh, he's just gone on a really long vacation"), or it understands it and went "oh, ok. He's dead. ::shrug:: I'm going to go over here and finish what I was working on...".

It's so disconcerting, because I'm used to my mind flipping out about every little thing, and it's gotten so much more stable in the years since I came to college. But I guess this is a good thing.


Had some odd dreams last night (well, more like this morning). The first one was dreaming about walking from school back home (i.e. walking over the grade and suchlike). That would probably be something like a 2 or 3-day trek in real life, but it didn't take me very long in my dream ...

The second one was up in the bay area, visiting with family. I was teaching my little brother how to drive, and we were on the freeway going down to Stoneridge (a mall about a half hour south of their house; he was driving, we were in my mom's minivan), and we got past San Ramon to find out they had put a $10 (!) toll on a river bridge that I-680 supposedly passed over between San Ramon and Pleasanton. (I know ... wtf?) I screamed at the tollbooth person and refused to pay, and we left the car in the tollbooth and walked to the bank. We met my parents along the way (they were walking on the freeway too, odd), told them what happened, and they were fine with it.

So we get to the bank, get some money from a teller, and walk back to the tollbooth, where I apologize to the toll lady for causing her headaches. She basically said, "Oh, it's OK, no big deal, but we had to tow your car to our main office, and here's an invitation to get your car back and go talk to some administrator people about the toll problem." I thanked her, we ran off, and then I woke up.

I think this is a sign I should stop driving so much. ;P

-- Des

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