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I now have Katamari Damancy music, thanks to Andy. Furthermore, I will be burning a CD of this loveliness for playing in the car. While driving.

Be afraid ... be very afraid ... >:D


I have become LiveJournally constipated again. ladymeep was down for the weekend, and I haven't yet had a chance to write about my thoughts.

I hate lethargy. I hate apathy.

It rained last night. This made me happy. I wish it would continue to rain.

Now that I've started watching fansubbed Anime, I'm slowly running out of disk space on my various machines ... I think it's time to buy more storage. This is annoying because I've been trying to hold out for when I can just buy a new machine (and thus spend money on SATA disks instead of IDE disks). I may just start burning stuff I've watched off to CD, we'll see.

-- Des

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