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GULT (mostly from this weekend)

Yeesh. A lot has happened over the past week and a half or so since I last posted anything substantial.

Probably the most significant/interesting thing is that ladymeep was down last weekend. I enjoyed seeing her again ... it's been almost a year since I last saw her. Unfortunately I was still sort of in my angsty place that weekend, and I was having allergy issues (which have been getting progressively worse), so I wasn't able to enjoy it as much as I would've liked.

So yes, last weekend was one big party. Most of Friday was spent with her, Andy, Joe, kithkanan, Arion and various other people. We hung out at Andy's for a while (I swear, The Institute is turning into my second home ;P), and then went out for dinner at Tsurugi's and Hitchhiker's afterwards.

Dinner was good. I think it was probably the highlight of the weekend. Everybody was gathered in one place, generally making noise and enjoying themselves. It was comfortable, warm, friendly. Joe and I didn't get our food (we were the only ones who ordered sushi :p) until everyone else was finished eating, but that's OK.

Hitchhiker's was ... OK. Disappointing in some ways, and funny in others. I liked Trillian and Arthur, but I think the casting was off for Ford and Zaphod. Ford seemed a little ... too normal, or too odd, I'm not sure which. Zaphod was a totally different character from how he was in the book, I think. I really didn't like Zaphod at all; he came off as a con man/ruffian/generally shady character, whereas in the book he comes off as being self-absorbed and generally nutty, but still a basically good person.

Saturday was beach with just Ashlee and I, and Anime. Both of those were pretty uneventful. I wish we'd gotten more time to talk at the beach, though.

Sunday was packing-and-leaving day for Ashlee. We said our goodbyes, and I was surprisingly OK with her leaving. I was accepting. There wasn't any bitterness or clinging. Sure, there was a bit of a sense of loss, and a bit of regret for having been so under the weather (damn my allergies, anyway), but when it was time for her to leave, I was ready and it was OK.

This acceptance thing keeps popping up at the most unexpected times. And when it does, it works well. I don't get hurt when otherwise I might have.


I got a reply from Cisco about this summer (w00t!). It was a pretty neutral response, but at least they didn't automatically say something like "sorry, your GPA is too low". The lady even took some time to edit my resume and give me some suggestions for improving it, which made me happy. So I get to edit it and re-submit.

I'm now irrationally optimistic about finding something for this summer. Cisco wouldn't be a bad place to work at all.

Now, if I could just find time to work on MetaFS ... maybe tomorrow or this weekend. Today is finish-up-outstanding-schoolwork day.


I haven't meditated since the beach with Ashlee. I've noticed my attention tends to wander while driving a bit more than in the past, but I think I've been more focused and productive this week, so I'm not too worried about it.

I'm getting stuff done. I feel like I have someplace I'm going (and no, I have no idea where, nor does it really matter ;) ). I'm not wasting my "now". And I think I'm going to have to think about that thought/feeling some more.


Everyone should be required to watch this movie in high school. We watched it in my Reasoning class Wednesday, and ... wow. I want to buy it now. Quantum physics and human emotion are two of the most interesting and useful things to think about I can think of. ;P

Edit: I just read some of the user comments on IMDB about that movie, and I think most of them are off-base. I don't know much about quantum physics, but I have read books (the one that springs to mind is The Tao of Physics) by quantum physicists intended for the lay person that back up the movie's premise.

When I watch movies for class, I usually write down maybe one line of notes, often a quote that struck me or something similar. With this movie, I think I filled up 3 pages in my steno pad. It was just that good.

-- Des

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