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It's 27.5C in here. ugh. Too fucking hot.

I have new allergy meds, which cost a fuckton (yay Allegra-D), but they seem to work for the most part. Not sure I like the side effects though... I barely slept at all last night (due to the Sudafed component, I think), and as a result today I've been very spacey (but not, scarily enough, all that tired).

I have a touch of sinus headache at the moment, but I think that's caused by not drinking enough.

Staleygorithms is kicking my you-know-what at the moment, largely because I just can't focus enough to think about what I'm doing (a combination of the heat and Sudafed).

But ... I'm not constantly coughing. I have no postnasal drip, and that's the important thing. My poor throat was getting raw from all the coughing.

I'm probably going to give up on getting anything done and go to bed soon.

-- Des

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