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It's early yet for me, but I think I'll probably have more success writing an entry now than I will at night ... I've been getting very sleepy rather early lately.

So, let's see, let's see ... the quarterly Tsurugi's dinner was this past Sunday. It was a good dinner (despite Tsurugi's messing up and losing our reservation), although not as many people showed up as usual. I wish I had remembered to bring my camera.

Monday evening saw me over at zaharadawn's, where I got to meet Simba and Gypsy (although Gypsy didn't seem interested at all ;P). We watched A Series of Unfortunate Events, which fit my mood quite well. There was quite a bit of dark humor in it, which I appreciated... It was a morbid movie, but I still think it was a good one. The story was engaging, and the actors did a reasonable job (although I think Jim Carey overplayed his character a bit). It actually could've done with a bit more character development, but ... ::shrug::

Dropped my final paper off yesterday for Speech. It was difficult to write, in some ways.

I often find it difficult to answer questions about my beliefs concerning the True Self. The concept of a “true self ” is a slippery thing to think about, at best; it is one of the many things in life that is inexpressible. (A Buddhist might say, “if you can put it into words, it’s not the True Self.”.) Therefore, most of this essay is necessarily vague or approximate at best, and inaccurate at worst.

I've been feeling unusually bitchy/occasionally-depressive/annoyed at the world lately. I wish I had an explanation, but I don't. I've been letting utterly stupid shit bother me for no reason whatsoever.

It got to the point yesterday where I said "to hell with doing anything productive" and decided to go to the beach. I dragged jennmenchi with me, and we wandered around talking about randomness for a while. It was relaxing and a good break from having to listen to my ego rant on and on...

Thursday and Friday are Algorithms and History finals, respectively. I still have Algorithms homework to do. :p

-- Des

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