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Even geeks have their off days...

Me: ::moves a folder of porn from the server to alnath's desktop::
Some time later...
Me: Hmmm, my left mouse button is being sticky. ::middle-clicks with both buttons::
alnath: ::opens the window list menu::
Me: No, I didn't need that... ::tries to click outside the menu to close it, but misses and hits "Cascade Windows" instead::
alnath: ::helpfully rearranges all the windows::
Me: No, dammit, I didn't want you to do that. Undo it.
alnath: OK.
Me: ...what? --Wait, STOP.
alnath: What?
Me: I did NOT tell you to delete that folder.
alnath: Yes you did.
Me: No, no I didn't.
alnath: Yes. You did.
Me: No, bitch, I didn't.
alnath: Look, dumbass, I can't help it if you don't know what "Undo" means.
Me: Well, undo the delete, dammit.
alnath: ...what delete?
Me: You know damn well what delete I'm talking about.
alnath: You asked me to create some files, and then undo it. So I did. What's your problem?
Me: ::seethes in impotent fury and mutters unintelligibly::
alnath: Why don't you go back to your precious shell and quit trying to handle all those complicated "window" thingies? Dimwit.

::sighs:: At least the person from whom I got said porn will resend it.

Stupid laptop. [I heard that. Ass. --alnath.]

-- Des

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