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Back from SFBA

It was an OK weekend, although a bit emo-ish what with having the big house all to myself (and two cats). I went out and visited people on Sat, though, so it wasn't quite so bad.

I hung out with ensuing during the afternoon and we watched anime with her friend Melissa for a while. It was good to see her again ... I missed her.

    Annaliese: So, what genre of anime do we want to watch?
    Me: ::sticks his tongue out, curls it upward a little and smiles::
    Annaliese: No, Des, I don't have any yaoi.
    Me: ::sighs, makes sad puppy face::

I don't know whether it's scary or amusing that she actually knew what I meant by sticking my tongue out. ;P

Went over to xenithtoast's after dinner (at Burger King ;P), and we watched Oh My Goddess!. I'm going to have to get (more of) that series.

Now I'm back in my cave and wondering what to do with myself. I'm contemplating working on that wine that kithkanan/Cedric gave me ... and wondering whether or not there's any point to actually doing anything tonight. :p

-- Des

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