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Quickies (or, "Wham, bam, thank you ... sir?")

From sometime last week:

(20:06:06) CondorDes: You know ... some days I just want to throw one big fucking mutex around everything and be done with it. :p
(20:06:31) Q: Touch my semaphore, baby.
(20:07:01) CondorDes: Increment! Decrement! Dec--oh, wait... ;P

Read it again. If you know what a semaphore is, you'll get it. ;)


My body's telling me I have a mild head cold. Again. So I'm taking it easy (and taking Sudafed, when needed) for a while...

But dammit, why do I have to get yet another cold now? Just when I'm slowly making progress (and the net work left to do is actually going down, not up)?

At least it hasn't bothered me too much yet.


Due to one thing and another (another deadlock, that is :p), MetaFS 0.1.4 probably won't be out till tomorrow. I was planning on getting it out last week, then on Monday, then today, then ...

Gah. But internal deadlocks are showstoppers IMO, largely because if I'd coded carefully, they would never happen in the first place. I just hope this one isn't going to come back to bite me again. I'm thinking it might, although I haven't quite figured out how yet.


I think Hot Physics Boy dropped. He hasn't shown up since last Wed, and I saw him wandering around the UU shortly after class on Mon. Oh well.

-- Des

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