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MetaFS 0.1.4 is out!

Sw00t! MetaFS 0.1.4 is out. Finally.

I made a promise to myself I'd do it tonight, and ... well, I did. ;P

I was afraid for a bit that I'd have to release with a rather nasty bug, but my muse came by and whispered a hint at the last minute. ;)

I also cut-and-pasted bits of my Google SoC proposal to the website, so there's a new About page that does a much better job selling MetaFS than the crap on the main page did.

(Oh yes, in case you hadn't guessed, Google turned me down for SoC. I don't actually care that much, though, because even though I don't get a nice, new workstation at the end of the summer (:p), I don't have nearly as tight a schedule.)

Now ... it's off to sleepytime. And tomorrow ... work begins on 0.1.5 and/or 0.2! Wheeeeeeee! ::disappears in a puff of purple smoke::

-- Des
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