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So, now we know how it's all going to end. It'll end well beyond our lifetimes, for sure...but it's still interesting to think about.

There was a dead small animal laying in the middle of my street today...I saw it there when I left for school, and again on the way home. The only difference; there was a vulture/buzzard/other scavenger bird there picking at it. I hope it wasn't a cat...though I still feel sorry for it either way.

- fu -

The car isn't fixed yet...they apparently have to order a part from elsewhere, so it's going to have to go back in either Wednesday or Thursday. I have to call tomorrow to tell the dealer I do for sure want to order it. Major annoyance, because my window is going to have to stay duct-taped for the next 3 days.

There's a LUG exec meeting this Wednesday, which I have been invited to...this should be interesting. I hope all goes well.

In other news...I forgot. I know I'm supposed to be writing interesting stuff here, but my life honestly isn't all that interesting.

-- Des

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