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Quickies from earlier today (well, yesterday)

Gentoo fucked up their baselayout again. Turns out even 1.11.13 (or whatever it is) is totally borked (like, the machine couldn't even bring up the lo interface). And I absolutely do not appreciate the network interface scripts just blithely overwriting my resolv.conf and ntp.conf whenever they feel like it.

Those files are the way they are for a *reason*, you know, and I damn well do not want to have to mess with Gentoo-specific config files in that way. One of the reasons why I like Gentoo so much is it doesn't have a huge layer of cruft on top of configuration like Redhat and Debian do (/etc/sysconfig was a nightmare, last time I looked). When I edit a config file myself, Gentoo should leave it the hell alone (unless it gets explicit permission to change it).

So I'm back on baselayout 1.11.12-rSomethingorother. Until they fix it. Of course, I'm too lazy to try to dig my Bugzilla account out and file a bug. ;P


Met with Maya today about some training stuff for GLBU/Pride. We went over some of the Respect Zone training materials she has for the faculty and talked about the program a bit. I'm going to be writing a letter encouraging the University/professors/whoever needs to be convinced that Respect Zone is a Good Thing(tm). Also, I am now the proud owner of a Pride Alliance T-shirt. ;P

I've been meowing a lot more than usual lately. I blame this on having had other kitties (both human and feline) in close proximity recently.

Which reminds me ... Mrrrrrroooow, MEOW! MEOW! Muurrrrow!

Non-worksafe yaoi is soooo boring. I WANT NAUGHTY BITS! ...erm, that didn't quite come out right... ;P

-- Des

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