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I *so* want to be asleep right now...

But Nooooooo, my stupid laptop has to be an ass about actually working right with wlan/ipsec stuff. I've recompiled the kernel about 3 times now, each time with a different config. You'd think it would actually work right at least once...

Actually, I think I know what I did wrong this time. There was some rather obscure wireless option buried deep within the kernel's menuconfig that I forgot to turn on.

In other news, the guy from MDS emailed me back. The interview is on Thursday. I'm hoping that things go well...I know there was that screwup from last year, which kinda killed my GPA, but I'm hoping we can get past that.

w0000t! The config hopefully there won't be any more wireless disconnections. If this works, I'm going to try the -ck patch again (currently my kernel has only freeswan).

Sleepy time.

-- Des

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