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This must be where all my time goes...

So. I got home, and sat down to send Morgan a message on MySpace [I won't bother linking to my profile because it's boring]. And I noticed that MySpace still crashes recent SVN builds of Konqueror. So OK, I pull out trusty old Firefox and use that. Message sent.

Then I decide it's high time I work on filing a decent bug report/test case on Konqueror so someone can FINALLY get around to making it not-crash with MySpace. But, I remembered that my KDE session has been up for several days, at least, and I have a fresh build that just got installed last night/this morning. So I should probably logout/back in before I do any testing, to make sure I'm testing something semi-current.

But hey, as long as I'm killing my KDE session, I might as well upgrade the kernel and reboot the whole machine, right? So I look to see if there's a new -mm kernel to play with, and sure enough, there is.

But I'm lazy. Instead of grabbing the -mm patch and creating a totally fresh kernel tree (which would probably take a good half-hour to build), I think ... "Wouldn't it be nice if I could just pull the sources directly from git? That way I wouldn't have to recompile the whole damn thing every time." [-mm doesn't provide incremental patches between -mm versions, just patches against the base Linus tree.]

But I don't particularly feel like installing git/cogito, because last time I looked it was a mess and there was very little documentation. Wait, though ... I remember seeing something about git support in the latest Darcs development snapshot. So I grab the updated patches and build them. But one of my pet peeves with Darcs is that the manual (which I will probably need to figure out how to use the new git support) only comes in PS and HTML flavors. Can you guess where this is going? ;)

On a side note, I happen to really like PDF. I used to hate it, but then I tried the KPDF viewer and discovered that I didn't really hate PDF, I just hated Acrobat/KGhostView/all the other brain-dead readers out there.

So anyway, I think "hey, it should only take me a few minutes to add a PDF build for the manual [which is written in LaTeX, another of my favorite tools], right?" HAH.

I spend 15min or so updating the LaTeX sources, and figuring out how to conditionally use hyperref (to add the nifty PDF hyperlinks that make PDF much better than PS). I figure that out, try to build it, and then discover that my version of hyperref has some sort of bug that breaks the \ref command. ::growls::

So now I'm waiting for Portage to sync, to see if there's a new version of TeTeX which will (hopefully) fix the hyperref problem.

...That, ladies and gentlemen, is how I went from MySpace to wandering around somewhere in Darcs-LaTeX land ... all in one afternoon...

Now, if you'll excuse me, my dinner is getting cold.

Edit: Figures. No new tetex, and no clue as to when/why/how hyperref broke...

-- Des

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