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Oats Peak Attempt #1

I'm tired, hot, sunburned, probably a little dehydrated ... but I had fun. ;P

I did some exploring along the Oats Peak trail in Montana de Oro this afternoon. I think I was out for about 2.5 hours, in sun, without sunscreen. ;P I didn't encounter a single other soul on the trail ... it was wonderful.

I even took my shirt off and thus got sunburned. (No, you don't get pictures of that. I don't know why you'd want them, anyway. :P)

I was originally intending to go all the way out to Oats Peak (which is a bit over twice as far as Valencia, I think) ... but my body started bitching at me in a not-happy way (i.e. my boots started giving me hot spots) a bit over 1/2 of the way in, so I decided to do the smart thing and came out early.

Anyway, I did take some pictures, which got thrown up in Gallery.

I wish I had time for this "hiking" thing more often. I like going out, without having to worry about other people or other shit to do, or whatever ... and just hiking.


Speaking of Gallery, I finally got all my old photo albums imported. Gallery's a pretty nice system, for a PHP program. :p

-- Des

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