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I'm in want-to-kill-everything mode today, for whatever reason, and the day has pretty much gone like you'd expect.

Got nothing done so far (except some of my dishes), and instead of actually being productive (i.e. studying for my PHYS final on Monday), I spent the afternoon fighting Portage on deneb/seme to try to build binary packages and get the two VMs somewhat in line with each other. Hah.

Same profile, same make.conf, same /etc/portage ... different USE flags. WTF?

Portage has been impressing me less and less lately. It's as slow as constipated shit, and now it's making arbitrary decisions like the above. ::sigh::

That said, Gentoo still annoys me less than most distros...

On the plus side, though, LogJam now supports tags. Which means I have to go back over the past 3 years or so and tag all my old posts...

-- Des
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