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It's raining.

I've been feeling the urge lately to write in my LJ...but I've been doing the usual weekend thing, so I've been somewhat busy.

I just got home from kion's about 30min ago...and since then I've been sitting listening to Enya, and the rain. I think I'm probably going to go have a nice, relaxing shower, go to sleep, and wake up sometime after noon, do the dishes (ugh), and possibly go to the beach.

We'll see what happens...I'm not particularly tired at the moment (possibly due to my really late stints recently), but that's OK.

Oy, almost forgot...I have some minor CSC205 homework to do, and a resume I need to review/update in preparation for my interview on Tuesday. Well, that doesn't necessarily have to happen tomorrow...just so long as it happens soon.

BTW, this isn't edited at if there are spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, or nonsensical things in here, you can safely ignore them.

-- Des

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