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Tortilla Flats

So ... I actually went to Tortilla Flats with the GLBU group tonight.

This week also happens to be transgender week.

I'm not the type to go full-out drag ... but I do have to say that eyeliner/eyeshadow, lip gloss, and black nail polish are hawt. :D I need to wear that shit more often.

(I took pictures of myself tonight when I got home, which will be posted sometime in the near future. Had I been thinking at all this morning, I would've taken my camera with me and you'd have better pics, but oh well. :p)

Some of the GLBU boys who got into drag were hawt. Some of the boys who were at the Flats were hawt. No, I didn't take any of them home. :P

My T-shirt does, however, smell like boys ... which is odd, because I don't remember having sex with any other boys, or loaning them my shirt... ;P (And yes, I do remember the whole evening.)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to finish touching up my nails... ;P

-- Des

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