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MetaFS 0.1.5 is here.

No, MetaFS did not die, I just haven't been talking about it all that much. (It better not have died, it's my senior project. ;P)

Anyway, 0.1.5 has been released, for all 2 of you that care. Just be sure to read the notes before you download it.

Damn... I think this dinky little project took 4 hours to release. ;P I had to...
  • Build
  • Test
  • Version-bump
  • Resurrect/update the Gentoo ebuild
  • Update the README
  • Write the release notes (including figure out the list of changes since 0.1.4, which was pretty long)
  • Build the .tar.gz package
  • Test the Gentoo ebuild
  • Write the SourceForge news item
  • Upload to SourceForge
  • Update the Freshmeat listing

...and I'm done. Whew.

I think I deserve some sleep now.

-- Des
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