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Overheard in #cplug...

<CondorDes> I'm actually writing software [at work]
<CondorDes> ...although it's in Java :p
<ProfessorOhki> eew
<CondorDes> Java, scarily enough, is actually used in the real world
<ProfessorOhki> well, it is, how did they put it... easily deployable
<CondorDes> (for some value of "real", I guess)
* CondorDes rolls eyes
<CondorDes> It's "cross-platform"
<ProfessorOhki> and scalable!
<CondorDes> Or, "write once, suck everywhere"
<ProfessorOhki> lmfao
<ProfessorOhki> you know which quote is coming up next, right?
<CondorDes> At least, it's theoretically cross-platform... although at work we have two separate builds because of incompatibilities between Mac and Windows...
<CondorDes> ProfessorOhki: I'll let you take the shot :)
<ProfessorOhki> <Alanna> Saying that Java is nice because it works on all OS's is like saying that anal sex is nice because it works on all genders
<CondorDes> haha
<ProfessorOhki> that one never gets old
<CondorDes> Well, some people actually like anal sex ;P
<ProfessorOhki> and some people are forced to use it at work ;P
* CondorDes giggles
<ProfessorOhki> this analogy is getting interesting

-- Des
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