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I'm sitting in the CSL...and I want to bite someone's head off. I have no idea why, or what pissed me off...just in general, I'm not liking people right now.

I want to be able to stop, and take a break...I need to take a weekend, get out of the apartment, and find something relaxing and calming to do. I've had thoughts spinning around in my head for so long now that I'm going a little stir-crazy.

I'm in a very flamey I'm thinking of just going home, doing my shopping, maybe playing a little Unreal, and staring at the wall for a while, because I know that if I talk to people, I'll probably flame them for no good reason.

Now, there's nothing wrong with certain kinds of flaming, but that's more of a friendly "let's-butt-heads-over-something-stupid" kind of flame. I'm talking about the viscious, "go-fuck-yourself" kind of flame...which is baaaad pie.

I don't like to pick fights, and if I feel like I need to, then something is usually wrong. The only question is, what?

-- Des

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