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As sort of a follow-on to caitsonion's question, I was thinking about how being bi has changed my perception of reality over the past few years. I haven't really thought it out completely, but the following sound-bite-ish sentence covers a non-trivial chunk of it:

When over half the Western world thinks you should be killed, arrested or committed, it kinda changes your outlook on life.

Do I have a bit of a persecution complex? I guess. Every so often (like now), I can get pretty forceful/dramatic about it. But most of the people I know aren't really in any distinctive minority groups, so it's impossible for them to understand what it feels like. (I say this having been someone who didn't previously identify with any minority groups.) So one occasionally needs to resort to over-dramatization to get the point across.

Oooh, here's an interesting question. We could even turn it into a meme! (Answer the question, then repost in your own journal.)

Are you part of any minorities? If so, which ones? They could be racial, ideological (e.g. religion or political party), sexual, or whatever other kind of minority you can think of.


I think I saw an actual, honest-to-$DEITY card-carrying lesbian at the laundromat yesterday. Here I thought I was the only one in A-town whose car has an equality sticker on the back...


Gnar. I'm starting to get pissed at my neighbor for his music. I don't mind when he plays it on occasion, but it's getting to be this constant ::thump thump thump:: in the background, which is very distracting. I'm probably going to go over there in a few minutes and tell him to shut up. (Politely, of course, but still.)

Edit: Wow ... the bass coming through the floor made it sound like it was really loud, but when I went over there and knocked on his door, it was at a comfortable listening volume. So now I'm not annoyed, just wishing the apartment wasn't on stilts. ;P

-- Des
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