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GULT -- Lake Tahoe Edition

Mrrr. So I've been in Tahoe for ... lessee, today's Saturday, so I've been here for a bit over two days.

Thursday (the day I drove up, first to the bay area to pick up the rest of the family and then to Tahoe) was not a particularly good day, for reasons I won't go into. Sometimes we all become creatures of emotion and speak without thinking.

Friday was definitely better, though -- we went over to Squaw Valley, wandered around for a bit and went ice skating. The ice skating outing ended rather abruptly, however, when my dad took a hard fall and broke his wrist. They reset it and casted it, but chances are he'll have to have surgery to get it completely fixed. He seems to be doing fine, though.

And OMG, the skier boys. Hawt. I wasn't really expecting that. :p

Oh yeah ... I almost beat my cousin-in-law (Steve) at pool. No balls on the table but the 8-ball, and he was the one who made the shot. I'm surprised I did as well as I did, although I think that might've been due to the beer he was drinking. ;)

Today (Saturday) it snowed, so we sat around inside for the day, not doing too much after yesterday's excitement. My shoulders and neck were sore, whether from pool or posture or ice skating, I don't know.

So. It's been a good break so far. I still haven't gotten a chance to drive in the snow yet, but hopefully I'll be able to do that tomorrow. I dunno what it is about things that roll (i.e. pool balls and cars) that is so fun ... ;P

I do miss my friends and I wish I hadn't had to miss Anime. (Speaking of which, Anime people: if you have the missed eps of the series we're watching, can I impose on you to either borrow the appropriate eps or watch them with you again sometime before next week?)

Daniella actually called me on Thursday night (after I had arrived in the bay area) wondering why I wasn't at MnM. That was sweet.


Speaking of friends, the GLBU meeting last Wednesday was good. We had the open house at the Pride Center, like we did last quarter, then Laura (faerylore), Claire, Josel and I went to Linnea's afterwards. We had a good conversation about our respective tastes in boys/girls, among other things. They're a good group of people.

Laura made an interesting comment that got me thinking -- I was giving my token complaint (as I often do) about how nobody ever hits on me (which isn't totally true, but then, I never get any out of it anyway, so ;P), and she said something about how I probably just don't notice it.

This makes me wonder how much of that sort of thing I just don't notice. (Or how much about people just don't notice in general.) Like ... there are a few subtle things I'm aware of, but those are mainly things I do myself.

In any case, the thought that there are people out there who might be interested in me is a pleasant one. I just don't know if it's grounded in reality. ;P

-- Des
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